The Green Line Power Cable

Audiophile Power Cable for Studio Six


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The Green Line Power Cable is a high capacity power cable. Built with high-performance materials that deliver optimal results to audio components. Improvements include less grain and edginess in sound, better dynamics, and cleanness of reproduction. The beauty of the cable lies in the fact that, while its outer diameter is a healthy half inch, it remains supple, flexible and easy to place. This power cable is a sensible and cost-effective upgrade to any audio system.

The cable is a combination of a single silver-plated high purity copper conductor and two high purity copper conductors. All in a special formulated extra-thick polyethylene jacket. The core is then insulated with a soft PVC dielectric and covered with pure copper braided shielding. Then it is re-insulated with a durable soft PVC green jacket. The extra insulation acts as another layer of anti-vibration protection and increased dielectric. The total outside dimension of our power cable is 12.9mm (1/2”).

Our plugs are brass and gold plated heavy duty 15A, 250V UL approved, sturdy power connectors. We went the extra step by Cryo treating them with our in-house “Cryo-Fi” process.

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