Silver plated high purity copper wire is at the heart of the eight fine stranded 22 AWG conductors.

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2 reviews for SXC 8 IEM

  1. Siawash Nadjimi (verified owner)

    Before I got into this game of high-end IEMs, I would have never come to the idea that I would end up some day buying cables for 349$ 😀
    After diving deep into this amazing sphere of acoustic worlds I have to tell anybody out there that I do not regret a bit getting these cables!
    I know there is a lot of talk around this subject and that some analytical data show no objective benefit, here is the great BUT, though: but they do make a great if not galactic difference! The overall sound performance of both, my Soalris 2020 as well as Solaris LE are being lifted to another level. These two, the earphones + cables, complement each other – sound wise – so majestically that it is hard to put them away, even though you have to work the next morning and your wife is starting to get weird feelings about you sleeping on the couch all the time 😀
    All in all, I can say that Campfire/ALO have done an incredible job again creating such a harmony of two products which can make your audiophile dreams come true. Thank you! 🙂

  2. pharcsa

    I own one of these cables, and it has become the only cable I use with my Andromeda 2020’s! The sound quality improvement over my normal Smoky Litz cable is absolutely stupendous! I can hear every note in space clearly, the soundtage has expanded to a new dimension, and the bass has noticeably been enhanced. THese were my first impressions upon buying this cable, I never before thought I would spend $350 on a cable alone, but being an electrical apprentice in my past and having a father as an electrician, I knew that doubling the conductors = 1/4 the resistance.

    So, when I found out that what makes this cable so special is that is has double the conductors of a Super Litz cable, I thought “1/16 the resistance of my Smoky Litz? THat HAS to make a difference in sound quality!” And I was right! Its to the point where rather than use the Smoky Litz when I need 3.5mm I bought a $100 adapter that’s the same diameter, to adapt from 4.4m to 3.5mm! I never want to stop using this cable! Sure its heavier than the others, but its a very small price to pay for the pure, unadulterated sound dripping into your ears!

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8 Conductors of Awesome Sound
Introducing our SXC-8 cable line.  Silver plated high purity copper wire is at the heart of the eight fine stranded 22 awg conductors.
Each conductor is custom annealed to an extra soft temper. Jacketed in durable FEP for exceptional resistance to discoloration.
This produces a cable with a supple feel that is unlike other silver plated or even pure silver cables.
It has a unique warmth and analog quality to its sonic delivery.
Complete with low-profile right angled plugs and crystal clear overmolded connectors.