Studio Six

The Studio Six is a Class-A single-ended triode (SET) circuit design. Zero-feedback and 100% tube amplification.


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Headphone impedance compatibility range:

8 Ohms to 600 Ohms

Maximum rated output power:

1,000 milliwatts into 8 to 32 Ohms

Amplifier input impedance:


Amplifier input Voltage for full-rated output voltage into various headphone impedances:

1.00V RMS  input for 4.0V RMS output into   16 Ohms

1.30V RMS  input for 5.7V RMS output into   32 Ohms

1.70V RMS  input for 7.5V RMS output into   75 Ohms

1.85V RMS  input for 8.3V RMS output into 150 Ohms

1.70V RMS  input for 8.2V RMS output into 300 Ohms

1.65V RMS  input for 8.1V RMS output into 600 Ohms

THD+N (1kHz input) at 1V RMS output into stated load impedances:

32 Ohms: 0.26%

150 Ohms: 0.12%

THD+N (1kHz input) at 250 milliwatts output into stated impedances:

32 Ohms: 1.0%

150 Ohms: 2.0%

Frequency Response -3dB (Referenced to 1kHz, 250 milliwatts output) into stated impedances:

32 Ohms:   6.0Hz to 39kHz

150 Ohms: 16.5Hz to 36kHz

Frequency Response -1dB at full-rated (2.83V RMS) 1,000 milliwatt output into 8 Ohms:

15Hz to 20kHz

S/N Ratio:

78dB (unweighted) below full 2.83V RMS output into 8 Ohms





100/110/120 = 1.25 Amp / 250 Volt

220 / 240 = 6.30 Amp / 250 Volt


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Product Manual

Studio 6 [Product Manual]


Built For Life

The uncompromising quality of build and design.  Conservative part ratings and circuit design translates into effortless, under-stressed operation, extended tube life, and long-term amplifier reliability. An obsolescence-proof piece of audio equipment, a timeless design built to last a lifetime.

Reference Amplification

Class-A single-ended triode (SET) circuit design with zero feedback and 100% tube amplification. Designed for resolution of fine musical details, expansive soundstage presentation, and lush tonal quality.

Totally Tubes

Only vacuum tubes with established reputations for sonic virtue are in this design, tubes that are now and will continue to be available in the global audio marketplace.

Pure Power

The power supply is a “virtual dual monoblock” design featuring vacuum tube rectification.
The ‘overbuilt’ power supply features robust multi-stage high-voltage filtering for the Left and Right input stages, including two glow discharge regulator tubes and separate multi-stage filtering for each Left and Right Channel output tube.

Designed For Headphones

A proprietary output stage accommodates a wide range of headphone impedance from 8 to 600-Ohms, with ease. The Studio Six drives many pairs of headphones with no sacrifice to fidelity – the ideal amp for shared listening sessions.


“So what is the verdict on the ALO Audio Studio Six and Phono Stage? It is an audio triumph. You may find another amp you like as well but it is unlikely you will find one that is definitively better. This is a mountain top amplifier. It pairs well with Dynamic, Planar, Open, Closed and Semi-Open headphones. The Studio Six itself is the single best Headphone Amplifier I have ever heard paired with the Sennheiser HD800’s. Using the Phono Stage with vinyl is sublime. Paired with a high quality DAC like the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 DSDse and digital comes through as natural and engaging.”

-Eric Neff


“The Studio Six from ALO Audio redefines what headphones are capable of delivering, from the least expensive to the most exotic cans in your collection…

Its ability to drive every type of headphone also makes the Studio Six an incredibly versatile tool as a reference component, so expect to hear more about this landmark product in the issues to come as it will be my reference amplifier by which to evaluate all other personal audio gear.”

-Jeff Dorgay @ Tone Audio Issue #57

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