Mini-to-Mini: Green Line

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Designed for both excellent  audio performance and rugged durability, The Green Line is a excellent choice for the constant traveler as well as the adventure mined audiophile.
High Purity Conductor Materials
Ultra high purity copper is the starting point for the Green Line conductors.  This raw material is then ‘super annealed’ in a special metallurgy process that both increases its flexibility and sonic performance before being slowly drawn and extruded into custom formulated PE jackets.
Superior Signal Geometry
Utilizing high strand count conductors, 2 high purity copper for the signal, 2 silver plated copper for the return, delivers a sonic performance that is detailed, engaging and musical.
Durable Outer Jacket
The Green Line conductors are covered in an attractive, durable and vibration dampening PVC outer jacket, custom formulated to be microphonic resistant and ultra flexible with a tailored fit.