ALO x FitEar Togo 334


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The FitEar ToGo 334 made for ALO/USA version! We are the only authorized FitEar dealer in the USA. FitEar is a small boutique earphone manufacturing company who only makes a hand full of these special IEMs. We are only allotted a small number of these IEMs every month so if you see that they are in stock and have been wanting a pair of these they will not be in stock for long.
The FitEar ToGo 334 is the new ‘universal’ IEM from renowned custom IEM maker FitEar.  Based in a small workshop in Tokyo Japan, FitEar crafts each IEM by hand to the very highest standards.  The ToGo 334 is comprised of a 3 way system with 3 units and 4 total drivers.  A driver for the low frequency, low and mid frequency and high frequency make for an unmatched sonic presentation.  The ToGo 334 delivers a soundstage unlike any other IEM, both open and natural.
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