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The International

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Product Description

The International is a pocket-sized powerhouse. As one of our smallest portable amplifiers, it is also one of our most versatile.  It is able to drive a full range of earphones and headphones in both balanced and singled ended modes.  Plug directly into your computer and listen to all of your favorite high-resolution tracks with the built in 24-bit / 96 kHz digital to analog converter.

*NEW* With iOS 7 you can take the digital signal off your iPhone 5 or iPod Touch (5th Generation)** and D/A (digital to analog) convert the signal using the reference grade Cirrus Logic DAC for the ultimate portable musical experience! 

A transparent and refreshing quality to this amp’s sonic performance means that you'll be able to enjoy a huge spectrum of musical styles to their fullest. From jazz to classical to rock and roll, The International will deliver performances as they were meant to be heard.  

** Requires the use of the Apple Lighting to USB cable (not included.)




“The solid performance was able to turn my skepticism a 180 degrees. Far more than just an AK100 companion, the International is now my favorite USB DAC/Amp. It’s extremely musical, and it  works well with an extremely wide range of headphones and IEMs.”

- Mike @


“If you’ve got 599$ waiting for the right piece of audio equipment, you likely won’t find a more comprehensive all-in-one deal than The International. There’s simply nothing The International can’t do – a fact that even ALO’s older siblings would be wise to note. Because what you are looking at is the amp, that, in capability-for-dollar values, simply runs circles around whatever’s out there."



“ALO makes it clear we haven’t hit the same plateau in personal audio that we are starting to see with the iPhone quite yet.  The International delivers amazing clarity, dynamics and bass section that is simply outstanding.  It may even make you forget everything you are hearing is coming out of a 3 x 3 inch box.”


Additional Information

The International - Colors

Size and Weight

The International - Size and Weight Diagram

Inputs / Outputs

The International - Inputs and Outputs


1 year limited product warranty from ALO Audio. Find out more here.

Tech Specs

Frequency Response:  10-25,000 Hz

Power and Battery

Built in Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery

Playtime:  14-16 hours (Amp Only)   8-10 hours (USB DAC and Amp)

Recharge Time: 3 hours

Charges via included wall power adapter

In The Box

The International What's in the Box

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