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Rx Mk3-B+

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Product Description

Continuing to improve our favorite products is our passion as well as our pastime.  This newest generation of the Rx Mk3 is the latest result of that effort to make our products even better.  An all new, larger battery in the B+ means more time to enjoy your favorite tracks.  Higher surface mount part tolerances throughout means that those tracks will sound even better.  Lasting 19+ hours on a single charge gives you the peace of mind to grab your Rx Mk3 B+ and go.  Knowing you’ll be able to enjoy the music on the entire trip. Improved double laser engraved marking on the enclosure mean they will remain clean and clear.  The new and improved Mk3-B + has never sounded better.  Bigger dynamics, improved imaging, detail and sonic impact. 



Computer Audiophile

“The ALO Rx Mk3-B is a solid complement to any desktop space. Top tier portable audiophile performance lies just beneath its metallic exterior. Considering the battery power and relative size, the Rx is very much a product of convenience.”



“I still can’t fathom how the slim Rx Mk3-B amplifier is able to drive the Hifiman HE-6 so brilliantly. I’m not saying it defies the law of physics, but I know how difficult it is to drive the HE-6 and I’ve seen the majority of desktop amplifiers, even BIG ones that fail to deliver the job. The Mk3-B not only drives it with sufficient authority, but it strikes such a beautiful synergy with the Hifiman as well.”

- Mike @

 6 Moons

“Though professional cynicism is supposed to mistrust a maker's self-salutary 'best we ever made' statements, the Mk3 straight—single-ended in/out, zero bass boost—really did trump the Mk2 and original Continental...Kudos to Ken and his team for pursuing their dream to the very end.”

- Srajan Ebaen @





Available in Black or Silver

Size and Weight

L: 4.5” W: 2.88” H: .88”  |  Weight: 9.7oz

Inputs / Outputs

Input: 1/8” Stereo Mini-Jack, Mini Balanced Jack, 9V AC Power Connection  |  Output: 1/8” Stereo Mini-Jack, Mini Balanced Jack



1 year limited product warranty from ALO Audio. Find out more here.

Tech Specs

 Frequency response in both balanced and unbalanced mode: 5Hz-80kHz ±1dB

The lo/med/hi gain settings correspond to -3dB, +3dB and +12dB

Balanced RMS output power with both channels driven: 640mW into 32Ω, 630 into 50, 150 into 300 and 80mW into 600Ω

Unbalanced: 320mW into 32Ω, 220 into 50, 40 into 300 and 20mW into 600Ω

Bass adjustment at max: +3.5dB@<40Hz, 3dB@80Hz, 2dB@160Hz, 1dB@260Hz, 0.5dB@360Hz and <0.5dB@>360Hz

<1 Ω Output Impedance

Power and Battery

Built in Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery

Playtime:  19-24 hours

Recharge Time: 3 hours

Charges via included wall power adapter

In The Box

Rx-MkB+ In the Box

File downloads
Rx Mk3 B+ Manual
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